Ultimate Design Hats in Mexico – Ana Maria’s Mexican connection

Far away in ‘sunny’ Mexico my home country, lays a Colonial quaint amazingly cozy little town called ‘San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato’, part of what is known as ‘El Bajio’, where I came to visit during the summer in the search of the perfect partnership to expand our company and to introduce our New Winter Collection to this magical place. Largely populated by European and American citizens, this little place exudes design and creativity, from all who live and visit it; and all because of the charisma of this town that attracts people that want to enjoy the simple way of life but still, have all you need at hand and that includes, superb Restaurants, Art Galleries, Theatre, Food Markets, Design Houses and very exclusive Boutiques which is where I was very fortunate to have found a very stylish Hand bag Designer called Maria Colombres, her boutique is located in the main square of the town and is part of a very exquisite little mall where you can find top quality items and this is where I wanted our brand to be placed.

As soon as I met her I knew this was right for both. Maria just loved my designs and also agreed that they were the perfect compliment for her handbags. She also called our NEW Scotty dogs (door stops) ‘adorable’ and wanted to have the exclusive of those in her boutique. Maria’s designs are strong and classy, with very special finishing touches heading for the high end of the market. Made all in 100% leather, she signs every handbag with her name and the phrase ‘Bolsos de Autor’ meaning Handbags by Author.

So this is what attracted me in this collaboration to have our hats to compliment these fantastic bags and finish the ‘Look’ for a proper winter outfit. Our hats are the perfect accessory to the winter look, made from 100% wool felt and finished with either leather, metal findings or wood, the choice is endless and in many exciting colours to suit every personality.
Our bespoke Winter Collection is now available at Maria Colombres in Mexico from the end of October.
In the UK available from our NEW Christmas Shop as well as all the Christmas events starting on 18th October at Merchant City Square Market.
scotty dogs
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