Month: April 2015

‘Get the Look’ Vivienne Westwood



The Return of the Pill-box Hat


IMG_0800  pillbox-detail

This is one of the headpieces featured in the New Collection for Spring/Summer 2015, inspired by the past and the present of the Pill-box Hat.

tumblr_mtwedj6NLD1rtwb3go2_500The Pill-box Hat traces back its history in the Middle Ages, worn by the Flemish Nobility of the times. Apart from its use as a military gear, the last century marked its connection with elegance and gracefulness.

During the 60s, the Pill-box Hat became extremely popular by the First Lady, Jackie Kennedy, who wore it as her signature style. She was wearing one during the assassination of John F. Kennedy, which will remain forever in history because of the after photos. It became the iconic fashion accessory of the decade.tumblr_n1pz8nV0w71qbilh4o1_1280

She was followed by style icons, such as Audrey Hepburn, who wore it famously on the film Charade and also in real life. With a uniquely elegant style and personality, she looked gorgeous in a leopard pill-box hat; which is not the most possible thing that any of his fans could even imagine her wearing!

The last years the Pill-box Hat has definitely made a strong comeback, championed by Kate Middleton, and other Royals, such as Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. Milliners have special commissions, in order to create a headpiece that is proven to be continuously in demand and desired by women.

gina foster hatAs spring approaches, is the perfect accessory to compliment a très chic, but at the same time bold and individual style. It is a hat that proved to be extremely enduring.