Month: October 2016

NEW Collection Launched at Scottish Wedding Show 2016

Just a week ago was the Scottish Wedding Show 2016 that was held at the SECC in Glasgow. Needless to say, it was a busy weekend particularly with setting up on Friday, followed by the two days after. It was great to see, meet and hear from all the lovely responses from the visitors to our stand as well as the catwalk show where we presented our brand new collection of hats.

It was a great collaboration with Italian designer Rinaldo Girasoli as the simple, effortless georgette dresses, as well as one sided wraps and knots of the scarves complemented the theme of the hats perfectly.

“We had such good feedback from the public, many people told us that the hats were outstanding, as well as  great it was to see something different on the catwalk for a change” – Ana Maria Ortega

A Peak into Behind the Scenes


We have introduced the use of buntal into our hats for the new season. Originating from the unopened leaves of palm trees in the Philippines, they are fine white fibres that are used for hat making. Each piece is then carefully hand dyed before its transformation from fibres into a work of art. The idea of buntal this season is to bring a new element and material to the UK, as well as an experimentation with design.

Inspired by the structure of the buntal material and its ability to be moulded into any form easily, the designs were a play on the lines and circles that formed when bending the fibres. Raspberry and gold were the dominant colours for this collection to bring out a strong contrast with the softness and lightness of the scarves and two toned georgette dresses on the models.