Month: April 2017

Ultimate Design Hats meets L.K. Bennett London// Mother of the Bride & Groom Event

As you may all have heard we had our collaborative Mother of the Bride & Groom Event with L.K. Bennett London last week in their Merchant Square store in Glasgow. The outcome of the event went beyond our imagination, it was absolutely fantastic!


We had the chance to speak to our guests about their needs when shopping for a special occasion. As many of them told us there is a reoccurring issue with finding the perfect outfit with a matching headpiece at the same time let alone in the same place. This event was a pleasant surprise for the customers. They finally had an opportunity to actually try on the dresses, shoes and hats together and compose their final look.



The attending customers were looking for outfits for weddings, garden parties, Royal Ascot and so on, that is where Ana Maria’s professional eye for an aesthetic appearance also proved to be a helpful guide. She was happy to give styling advices on colour choices, balancing the look with accessories and ultimately which hat would complement the chosen outfit perfectly.




Introducing the New Spring/ Summer Collection at the Scottish Wedding Show 2017

We had the fantastic opportunity to present our New Spring/Summer Collection at the Scottish Wedding Show in February. It was an exhilarating weekend for us at Ultimate Design Hats.


The first half of the day we were chatting with curious customers and helping them with the hat fitting, encouraging them to try on different styles, shapes and colours. We had the chance to meet lots of lovely people looking for something special for the upcoming ceremony. Blushing brides to be, proud Mothers of the Bride and Groom as well as prominent friends of the couples.



It was an uplifting moment for us to see the new pieces on customers, having their opinions and feedback and their story.

Our main inspiration when designing the pieces for this season was based on the softness of the materials. We were looking for something that represents this idea accurately. Light, etherial, soft, floaty and ultimately elegant. And then we had an idea: using ostrich feathers. The first hat started in silver with charcoal feathers, which evolved to dove, then soft, muted pink. The final outcome was very glamorous and feminine without being overwhelming.

The feather details are also returning on the satin gloves. They are all hand-dyed which produced very exciting colour strips. An elegant touch to the outfit.


The catwalk show was the highpoint of our excitement. Our models did an amazing job, they wore the headpieces with absolute confidence as perfect ambassadors of our collection.

Take a look at the show and experience the glam!