Month: June 2017



The Saucer hat is a beloved style by the Duchess of Cambridge, she wears it quite often. It is a very versatile style as it suits most face shapes. Always tilted to the right side and coming down close to the right eyebrow to give its wearer an elegant height. The high angle of the hat also visually elongates the neckline giving a jaunty and chic attitude to the lady.

This is an eternally elegant and feminine style, complements a simple cut outfit perfectly. Another fantastic benefit of this style is that it looks wonderful with most hairdos, let it be a bun, a half updo or completely down.


Complements summer outfits wonderfully, a must wear piece at garden parties, chic events and of course weddings. It is also a good alternative of the brimmed style hat, many of our Mother of the Bride and Groom customers chose a Saucer style for the big day.


As you can see the ornament of the hat sits on the opposite side of the angle of the brim to compensate the balance. It is often dressed up with silk flowers, feathers or bows.





Last week was Royal Ascot and all of us at Ultimate Design Hats followed the happenings and styles with excited attention. Well…mostly the outfits because this event is all about the hats. There were lots of amazing outfits ranging from traditional through modern chic to hippie chic.  This year’s event was also a special one in terms of style guidance as the dress code made it official for female attendees to wear jumpsuits for the event. In our opinion it was a wise and valid decision, as this could look absolutely elegant and feminine with the right cut from the right fabric. It was inevitable that one of the prominent guests will pull off this super fashionable garment. Our favourite pick was doubtlessly one of the presenters Charlotte Hawkins’s fabulous outfit.


God bless the internet we were able to hunt down the credits of her outfit she is wearing on this photographs. The jumpsuit is from WtR London and the heels are from L.K.Bennett London. We had the courage to put together a style composition  recommending one of our bespoke headpieces to match Ms Hawkins’s outfit.


1 dress, 3 hats, 3 different looks

Wardrobe full of clothes, nothing to wear. Is the feeling way too familiar? No need to worry, you are not the only one with the disease, so we put together a quick style lesson for everyone who would like to spice up their outfit for their upcoming occasion. We love the muse of this blog entry, Inès de La Fressange and her ultimately chic sense of style taught us about the effortless french elegance, chicness and the magic of mixing accessories with outfits. To further enhance this look, we picked 3 of our hats for this little black dress.


Style No.1

This Saucer style hat finished with silk flowers and ostrich feathers would look absolutely stunning on a Mother of the Bride or Groom. Elegant, classy with a little wow factor.


Style No.2

This Percher style hat finished with silk flowers and quill with he colours black and purple is a fantastic choice for the black dress. The black colour ties together the headpiece with the outfit yet the purple brings a dash of contrast and quirkiness to the outfit. We would recommend this for flower lovers and also suitable for the stylish Mother of the Groom.


Style No.3

A Percher style hat again, with fan of feathers in bluebell colour. The perfect contrast with the black dress, absolutely ideal for short, long bob or a lovely updo. We would recommend this for everyone attending a wedding as a guest.


We had our second collaborative event with L.K. Bennett London in Glasgow City. At this fantastic event we had the chance to meet many returning and new customers, who came to browse occasion wear, accessories and our hats of course. The atmosphere was absolutely joyful and vibrant. L.K.Bennett London presented their new additions to the Summer Collection whilst we were continuing showcasing our Wedding Collection. As we are in the middle of the wedding season it was a fine opportunity to find everything at one place.

Here are some of our new pieces complementing their outfits.