Last week was Royal Ascot and all of us at Ultimate Design Hats followed the happenings and styles with excited attention. Well…mostly the outfits because this event is all about the hats. There were lots of amazing outfits ranging from traditional through modern chic to hippie chic.  This year’s event was also a special one in terms of style guidance as the dress code made it official for female attendees to wear jumpsuits for the event. In our opinion it was a wise and valid decision, as this could look absolutely elegant and feminine with the right cut from the right fabric. It was inevitable that one of the prominent guests will pull off this super fashionable garment. Our favourite pick was doubtlessly one of the presenters Charlotte Hawkins’s fabulous outfit.


God bless the internet we were able to hunt down the credits of her outfit she is wearing on this photographs. The jumpsuit is from WtR London and the heels are from L.K.Bennett London. We had the courage to put together a style composition  recommending one of our bespoke headpieces to match Ms Hawkins’s outfit.



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