We simply cannot get ourselves over with the fabulous looks that were at Royal Ascot this year. First Ascot allowed the jumpsuit to the racecourse, which we applauded. We have also got to browse the fantastic outfits from traditional to reforming and super chic. We have mentioned in our previous blog entry that Ascot welcomed jumpsuits, thus it has become an official look of the dress code. But what is the dress code of Ascot really?

As for the Royal Enclosure, the dress code rules are the following:

Lady attendees are allowed to wear dresses and skirt, both of them should be of model length, falling just above the knee or longer. The straps of dresses and tops should be one inch or greater. Ladies are also allowed to wear jacket and pashminas, however the dresses and tops underneath should comply with the Royal Enclosure dress code. Trouser suits and jumpsuits are both welcome, and they both should be full length to the ankle and in synergy with the hat. And finally the hats: hats should be worn. As an alternative to a hat headpieces should have a solid base of 4 inches (10cm) or more in diameter.

What is not permitted on the Royal Enclosure for ladies?

  • Wearing strapless, off-the-shoulder, halter neck and spaghetti straps.
  • Fascinators are not permitted; neither are headpieces which do not have a solid base covering a sufficient area of the head (4 inches/10cm).
  • Midriffs must be covered.

Queen Anne Enclosure & Village Enclosure dress code for Ladies are the following:

  • A hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times.
  • Strapless, sheer strap dresses and tops are not allowed.
  • Shorts are absolutely banned.
  • Trouser suits and jumpsuits are welcome here as well, they must be full length.
  • Midriffs must be covered.

In this case ladies are encouraged to dress in a manner as befits a formal occasion.

And how about the Windsor Enclosure? Attendees -ladies and gentlemen as well-are encouraged to wear smart clothes, however there are no dress code rules apply for this enclosure. These are the rules in a nutshell.


Laura Whitmore‘s outfit is purely divine and one of our favourite. This look is finely composed, the colours are subtle but enhancing the cut and the material of the dress. The flower ornaments on the hat nicely correlate with the motifs on the dress. The accessories are neutral yet perfect escorts of the outfit. A truly romantic look, we adore it! Laura is wearing a Percher style hat which is a perfect choice for those with oval face shapes. This style is very popular as it has the potential to be dressed and finished in romantic and / or quirky fashion as well as adding plenty of height to the wearer. Additionally it is super chic and gentle with the hairdo. As you can see it is tilted down towards the eyebrow (similarly like the Saucer style) and lies slightly on the forehead.




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