2019 Hat Trends | Spring & Summer

The refreshing newness of spring is upon us and we have kept our ears and eyes open to bring you the latest news in the hat fashion world. There is an eccentric mix of vintage and modern with some timeless favourites to keep us all happy.

We’ve picked our favourites for this coming summer and we think you’ll love them too! Read on to find your new hat for this year. Drop us a comment at the end and let us know which was your favourite.

Veiled hat

#Veiled Hats

The classy veils have slowly gained limelight fashionable season after the next, and we wholeheartedly support this classy and elegant trend! I’ll take this opportunity to share with you, our brand new Vintage hat hire! Veils, Pillboxes, Berets and loads more of fashion elegance to decorate your head. Create a classy vintage look and add that little wink of drama that only a Veil can create!  Have a look here!

Straw Hat_edited-1

#Straw Hat

The statement hat of the summer is our very own favourite that keeps any head cool and chic throughout those hot and sunny summer days! What we noticed with our inspirational fashion giants were a few modern twists on this traditional yet gorgeous hat. Let your milliner create an edgy version making the classic straw hat jump up a level in class!

Floppy Hat

#Floppy Hats

While floppy hats seem to have a lot in common with wide brim hats when in a casual look, the difference is the flexibility of the brim. A good floppy hat is manipulatable for the right amount of visibility when needed – perfect for that ideal photo. This statement piece inspired by a floppy hat could be a perfect look for any wedding or Ascot event of this year! You’ll be the most photogenic – we promise!


#The pillbox

This hat style has been around for quite some time and yet again we never get bored! A pillbox is a perfect middle ground to finish off an outfit without being overpowering. The most “in” way to wear it this year though is with a thin headband and slightly tilted off the crown of the head.


#Boater Hats

This fabulous style was introduced as a stylish trend at Ascot last year but it is sticking around yet another summer. This years trend, however, involves metallics, whites and oranges in colour – Take your pick!

A detail-update of how to wear it this year though is to tilt the hat just slightly instead of the classic “top of the head” wear.



A romantic and elegant hat that is a clear member of the spring/ summer 2019 hat trends. Nothing says Fashionable French style like a beret. We believe this to be one of the strongest hats on the street and rocking the social media this year.



Nothing says effortless style like a headscarf or one up – a turban! Reinvent your entire wardrobe by adding that small bit of fabric on your head. Why not combine a veil and turban to hit all the fashion requirements of the year? We are particularly in love with this white one from our collection. The romantic turban is a must for this summer!



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