Iann Dey & UDH | Evening Wear in the Tropics

As we slowly move towards lighter seasons so does our wardrobe. Ultimate Design Hats travelled all the way to Mexico, to check out the latest summer trends in the 40-degree heat. This was what the tropical eveningwear had in store.



We arrived in Mexico safe and sound and spent the morning with IANNDEY, a fashion brand focusing on eveningwear and elegant couture fashion. They welcomed us to their studio and gave us a private tour of their latest work, which was all set up for the evening show coming. We absolutely loved what we saw! IANN DEY is run by Ivan and David and as they work together their collection develops with elegance and unchallenged creativity. The new collection they’ve put together for the evening show featured golden snakelike details with strong coloured fabrics in a light summery finish. We thought it all looked gorgeous!



Our tour of the studio gave us a new source of tropical and colourful inspiration. We ended our day with a lovely chat over some quesadilla (made the Mexican way). Ivan and David requested to keep some of our hats and headpieces to develop further work around. (We know – incredibly exciting right!!??) We’ll keep you posted on any news right here!



Nightfall arrived and we were seated by the beautiful outdoor catwalk seeing the last of the evening sun settle in the horizon. Neon catwalks lit up with purple LED-lights slowly took over as the main light source and as the sun finally set the music began. It was one of those neverending summer nights. The outfits we’d seen earlier on in the day on hangers and manikins in the IANN DEY studio looked stunning then. When the models walked down the catwalk the outfits made us all stand in awe. The first dress, in particular, caught our eye. A colourful, striped, full-length dress with a golden metal belt as a statement accessory. IANNDEY’s collection of SS19 was everything we would like to be at this year’s summer wedding. Colourful, elegant and we even came up with a new word for it – Swooshy! IANNDEY_CWALK

Thanks to IANN DEY for a fantastic visit and we will be back soon again! Be sure to give them a follow! @IANNDEY

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Until next time!



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