Bridal Hats | The Chic Alternative to a Veil

5aprilblog1.pngThe summer weddings of 2019 are all about female empowerment, or more so just showing off what’ always been there – we know!

Traditionally the bride walks down the aisle wearing a sweeping veil, sparkling tiara, and the customary white dress. Well, for 2019 the modern brides are swapping the customary for modern. Brides to be are throwing out the dresses and veils for jumpsuits, color, and our personal favorite, hats!

We’ve got everything from floppy straw styles to elegant white fedoras and berets. The new “it” accessory for every bride to be is pinned at the top of her bride-to-be’s Pinterest board.


Planning on a  warm summer wedding? Well, then you want to find yourself a giant wide-brimmed straw hat. If you can’t leave the veil behind – we can combine them for you a la 1970’s Bianca Jagger.

This Summer we’d say put on anything you’d like, it’s the year for the women and the fashion we’d like to wear! For hats, you know you have us just outside Glasgow! Until next time ladies and gents, xx!



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