SS19 | Hats for the Races, Royal Ascot, Garden Parties & Weddings!

In April Ultimate Design Hats launched their new collection, featuring both floral and modern elegance. The latest trend for this year is the bold hat with a slightly wider brim creating a statement silhouette and a confident look.

The wide-brimmed Cloché


Blocking Blue and Red colours creating this elegant hat, Ultimate Design Hats played on the traditional design of a cloche. We’d wear it to Ascot, matching it with a “steal the show” – Red dress!

A perfect Ascot Hat


The bigger and bolder – the better! This beautiful umbrella design is accessorized with a pewter patent band curving along the rim of the hat. Minimalistic and beautiful in a softer blue, which is a perfect fit for Ascot this year.

The Summer Straw Hat


The Large Straw hat is having a comeback and is perfectly matched with a colourful outfit. Our latest design features a snakeskin patterned ribbon in bright turquoise. Too much colour, not your thing? Don’t worry it works perfectly with a one-coloured dress as well.

The Classy Boater


One of our long-time favourite designs is the boater. This summer we’ve chosen to go for a pastel look and pale floral details. Match it with a elegant jumpsuit – perfect for any summer event!

The Hepburn Hat (boater)


Can we ever get enough of an elegant black hat with gorgeous lines? No, we didn’t think so, our latest design is accessorized with graphic buttons and a black gloss patent ribbon making this an outstanding choice for Ascot.

The Summer Straw Hat with a twist


We can not get enough of the straw hat this year, designed with a slightly smaller and sharper brim. Wear it with a pale silk dress or perhaps a jumpsuit for the edgy look. This hat will work for any event, may it be parties, weddings or races. Easy to match and even easier to wear!

The Glamourous Hat


For the Glamourous event, a bold brimmed hat in a traditional floral design creates a chic and charismatic look. We’ve seen a lot of navy blue in the wedding & fashion world as well as a highly desired colour for the races.

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think? In need for a hat for Ascot or a wedding, call to book in for an appointment. Just pop back to our website, xx!


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